New Classes for Summer 2017!

I’m really excited about some of the class offerings for summer 2017! Here is a look at some of the new classes:

Tinkering - An art class call where you will create and design anything from toys to towers to robots.  Problem solving skills and creativity will lead to amazing new inventions.

Dance Creation  - You will select your own music and create your own choreography. Come and move, shake and create!

Storytelling Performance – This class will combine drama and writing to present stories from our own lives, the news and books. Learn to develop your own monologues and present them at the daily Noontime Shows

One Minute Movie Magic – Defy the laws of physics and make magic on the screen. Learn amazing special effects from chroma keying to compositing to stop motion tricks.

Wild Card Band – In this class students will write, compose and perform their own songs and present them at the daily Noontime Shows.

Ball Games – A sports class that plays a variety of sports games as long as a ball is involved. From four square to monsterball, every day will bring forth a new ball game.

In addition to these new courses, many favorites will be offered too. Here is just as ample:  Drawn to Life, Afro Haitian Dance, Musical Theatre Ensemble, Action Film Adventure, Funk, Jazz and Blues, Ultimate Frisbee, Fashion Design and the camp’s daily newspaper, the Gryphon Gazette.

The schedule, curriculum guide and class sign up sheet have been mailed to all enrolled families. There are still spots available for both sessions; not too late to enroll if you haven’t already!  We have a wonderful staff and fantastic classes and are looking forward to celebrating the creative process in a few weeks!

Toby Dewey - director

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